5 Tips to Get to Next Division in VALORANT

VALORANT is an FPS tactical hero shooter game that takes up more than a good aim to come out on top in the match. It has officially been 3 Years since the official release of the game and since then it keeps getting bigger and bigger. The aspects of VALORANT are more than a normal FPS game and it requires the player to learn and adapt to all aspects to dominate the opponent’s team during the match. The Agents’ role, abilities, and time-perfect counterattacks play a crucial role in VALORANT and if you were not paying attention to these aspects then you might be probably stuck on a low rank.

Like in any other competitive FPS or any other Genre, players bound themselves to push the limits to get to the highest rank. VALORANT is no exception and players are trying hard to land in the Top 500 of Radiant which is the highest competitive rank in VALORANT. But in order to reach Radiant, you would have to climb up through 9 Competitive Ranks and each rank division is split into three tiers. So, in order to rank up to the next division, you would have to rank up three times (or Two Times if you are absolutely obliterating the other teams, consistently).

In this guide, we will be focused on telling you how you can rank up to your next division more efficiently so you can gradually make your way up to the higher rank divisions of VALORANT. However, if you are still finding it difficult to get out of your division and get to a higher division, you can always reach out to a Valorant Booster. The Valorant Booster can help you boost your rank quickly in a few hours.

Here we will discuss the 5 major tips with you that will help you climb up to the next rank division of your and even further. The tips will cover all the basic and advanced techniques that you need to adapt in order to boost your performance in the matches.

1. Get Good With Aiming

Aiming is by far the most basic element of any FPS game and you definitely need to consider it in VALORANT as well. However, while playing competitively, you need to set your Aim at a proper Head Level in order to get good results. Aiming is not like how fast you flick or how fast you move your crosshair from one place to the other but it is how precisely you keep on a head level of the opponent even when you are not engaging with enemies.

Most of the Low ELO players keep their crosshairs on a Body Level or even on Legs Level. The disadvantage of this is when you engage an enemy, your first bullet hits the body or legs of the enemy, dealing low damage and you get 1 Tapped. Placing your crosshair on the head level by walking down the map and checking all the angles will give you an advantage in connecting your first bullet to the head of the enemy when you see one.

Another aspect of improving your Aim in VALORANT is Pre-Firing. Pre-firing is the next stage of placing your crosshair perfectly on a head level. Pre-Firing is exactly what it means that you need to shoot before you even see an enemy swinging out of an angle. By learning the maps, you will automatically get to know the possible angles, and approaching an angle with a perfect crosshair and shooting it while checking the angle will give you the advantage of a direct kill or if you see an enemy keeps checking an angle by strafing, you can simply shoot at the angle at the perfect time to connect the bullet to its head.

This skill will take time to perfect as all of the pro players use this technique to turn the pace of the match in their favor.

2. Know Your Agent’s Role and Keep Calm

All of the Agents in VALORANT have a specific role in their characteristics. There are 4 roles in VALORANT, Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and Initiator. You need to know and act properly according to your Agent’s role. If you are playing Sentinel, then you will have to play defensive and keep track of enemy lurks and stop them from pushing into the site. As an Initiator, you will have to provide information to your team by using the abilities. As a Controller, you need to control a site and provide cover to your team by placing smoke and wall on enemy holding angles. Finally, as a duelist, you need to enter the site first and take the first engagement with the enemy.

All of these roles matter during the match and if any team member fails to play the required role, it can cost you a round at the start and then the match itself at the end. In order to overcome this problem in a Solo Queue Match, you would have to be consistent on the callouts and keep calm during the match. If you get toxic against other players or if anyone else gets toxic on you and you get hyper, you will not be able to focus on the match and land your shots properly.

Being Calm in the match brings positive vibes in the match and if anyone else is being toxic, mute him and let your coordination continue with other players to keep on winning the rounds.

3. Queue Up With Friends

One of the most important tips to rank up to the next division is to play with your friends. Playing with your friends will give you a morale boost during the match knowing that your friends will not leave you behind or let your death in a round go to waste. Your communication and callouts will ultimately get on point while playing with friends which can result in winning the match as well as having fun during the match.

The Full Stack Queue is best for ranking up as all of your friends will get to pick the Agent of their choice. The 2 Stack or 3 Stack can be difficult sometimes as there are many Insta-lockers in the match who can coupe your agent before you get the chance to pick it.

4. Warm Up Before Playing Competitive Match

Warming Up your aim and use of abilities before the competitive match can result in a good performance in the competitive match. There are a number of ways to warm up yourself for the match. There are various aim trainers out there that you can test out but the most efficient training for your warm-up is VALORANT itself. In order to Warm Up your Aim, you can test out the Training Mode or Deathmatch of VALORANT. Training Mode has a number of options to change the difficulty of the Bots and you can make them harder to fully test your aiming skills.

In terms of practicing the abilities of your favorite agent, play the other Modes of VALORANT like Unrated, Swift Play, and Escalation. Once you think that you have warmed up yourself for a competitive match, queue up and dominate your opponents.

5. Watch Pro Players and VCT Matches

Watching Pro Players and VALORANT Champions Tour Matches can also enhance your performance in the matches. Focusing on Pro Players’ playstyle, aiming, callouts, and use of abilities at perfect times can increase your Game Sense which you can use in your matches. The VCT Matches are the most intense matches and the plays that players make during the matches can teach you new holding angles or lineups for your initiators/sentinels.

That is all for our Tips on how you can reach the next division in VALORANT. If you are still finding yourself knock back down to the lower division, try contacting a Valorant Booster to get you back up to a higher division.