Android Games to Play When You Don’t Have Access to Your Gaming Console

Well, it happens quite often that people don’t have gaming consoles or PCs but they want to enjoy popular games. Well, in that case, there are several games that you can play on your Android phone and enjoy as much as you would on a gaming PC.

If you want to play games that will keep you entertained, read along.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Well, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of our favorite android games. We included Call of Duty: Mobile in this list because it is incredibly famous and has a very positive rating among gamers. The game provides a conventional FPS online PvP mode in addition to a 100-player battle royale mode.

Due to the availability of both classic FPS PvP games like Critical Ops or Modern Combat and battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, it comes under a special category. There is an unexpectedly great amount of work to do, and the gaming mechanics are dependable and fluid.

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Apex Legends Mobile

In 2022, Apex Legends Mobile was released and immediately took off. It belongs to the same genre as PUBG New State and Fortnite as a battle royale shooter. However, this one was released with a lot more polish, great controls, a variety of game types, and more intriguing powers. The default battle royale mode has 20 squads made up of 60 players.

There is a team deathmatch game and a ranked version as well. As you play, you gain access to new Legends, and each Legend has a unique set of skills. It is a little light because it is new, but it received over ten million downloads in its first month and is actually more enjoyable than some other entries in the category.

GRID Autosport

When GRID Autosport debuted in 2019, it quickly rose to the top of the list of Android racing games. A rarity in this market, it is a premium game without in-app purchases or advertising. The game also features a ton of content to go through, tons of cars to unlock, amazing visuals, excellent controls, hardware controller support, and a variety of racing styles.

The game is one of the best racing experiences available on the Play Store, although it is a bit pricey and lacks a few minor features that racing enthusiasts often enjoy. Though not frequently enough to be ideal, it receives enough updates to remain current.

Legends of Runeterra

Well Legends of Runeterra is a new game, and similar to Hearthstone, it is an online battle game. Players put together their own collections of cards and heroes and then fight them in an online battle. Since the game aims to reduce randomness, it has generally engaging gameplay. The game features a number of playing cards, 24 champions, and the option to summon friends to fight alongside you. It’s time for a new leader in this rating after Hearthstone held the top spot for a while.

Genshin Impact

Gacha mechanics are used in the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. It garnered a lot of positive reviews when it was first released for its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Nobody seems to mind that it is similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild when it comes to appearance and gameplay.

The game does have a party structure, and it uses a gacha system like other gachas to let you summon new characters. However, the game feels far less constrained than most of its kind because of the gameplay mechanics, artistic components, and entirely open world (which includes a glider).


The same company that created Crashlands, Butterscotch Shenanigans, has released a new platformer called Levelhead. We anticipate Levelhead to stay on this list for a while, just like Crashlands was for a good two or three years. There are 90 levels in this platformer, which has controls that are surprisingly good, and it has some great humor.

However, this one stands out from the competition – thanks to its very top-notch custom-level construction. Levels created by players can be uploaded to the game. The most well-liked ones wind up in the famous vault of the game after being downloaded by other players.

Additionally, the game includes speedrunning elements and level-specific leaderboards (even the custom ones). Finally, the game has cloud saves and is cross-platform. It fulfills every need for a mobile platformer.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a 5v5 MOBA. In Mobile, there used to be a ton of these, but a few of them seem to have vanished recently. Arguably, the finest game right now is League of Legends: Wild Rift. The length of a typical match, which is between 15 and 20 minutes, is excessive for a mobile MOBA. The game is entertaining, wins cannot be bought, and the developers are committed to keeping the game balanced.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go came into the mobile gaming scene in July 2016 and immediately made its mark on the gaming industry by being a frequently played game for years. Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game, like Ingress, which allows you to move around the real world while capturing Pokemon, competing with other trainers for gyms, completing mini-missions, and stopping at Pokestops to restock on supplies.

It almost surpassed all prior records as one of the most played mobile games all over the world. For the past few years, the game has had a consistent base of active players, and it even appears that its popularity is increasing.

The Room Series

There are four puzzle games in The Room series. It was the first series to fully nail the puzzle genre on mobile. The Room series’ most recent title is just as popular as its predecessors, which are still among the finest Android games. The Room is a collection of puzzle escape games. There are several enigmatic artifacts in each room. Your objective is to escape by resolving the puzzles. To win the game, players must advance from room to room in search of increasingly rare artifacts and puzzle solutions.


The game Minecraft is well-liked by players of all age groups throughout the world. If you’ve never played this game, Minecraft engages you in a vast world where you may create things, fight off enemies, mine things, and do almost whatever you want. The game has a survival mode where you must gather your own food and resources. It also has a creative mode where you get full access to everything. Numerous new options and information have been added – thanks to frequent upgrades.

The game pretty much stands shoulder to shoulder with its PC and console counterparts. Actually, you can engage in multiplayer gaming with users of those platforms. There are in-app purchases, but they are only for things like skin packs that allow for personalization.

Sky: Children of Light

A fascinating trip awaits you in the video game Sky: Children of Light from 2020. Explore the game’s seven different worlds, customize your look however you like, and take part in one of the most inventive social gaming experiences. You can speak with other players in-game without utilizing voice or text chat. To get your attention and get you where you need to go, players will grasp your hand and drool you along.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, this game is insanely beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Well, if you are thinking of the most engaging Android games that will keep you thrilled as well as engaged, these are the best games for you. We hope this information was helpful for you to choose which game to play.