Role of Apex Legends in eSports Gaming

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Making a case for anything’s impact or role on something big can be done by comparing it with different states of with and without. Likewise, if you want to compare something, you have to weigh them side by side, look at everything in detail, and point out the difference between those two things. Today we are not comparing anything to anything but what we are going to do is to find out the role of apex legends in the esports space that we all love and care about.

Esports is not a new sport by any means; competitive gaming has been going on for decades. The first official esports event was The Space Invaders Championship held by Atari in 1980. But esports has been coming to the mainstream for the past few years. On the other Apex Legends is merely 4 years old but had a great impact on esports. So in this blog, we are going to talk about the “Role of Apex Legends in eSports Gaming” and its impact on different eSports sides.

Apex Legends started in the esports scene:

Apex legends first started as a new concept in battle royals when the genre of BRs was at its peak. At the time of Apex Legends’ release Player’s Unknown Battleground had just recorded the peak player count at around 3.2 million And Fortnite was also racking up millions of players per month. In February 2019, Apex Legends was released and it was welcomed by the players at that time Apex Legends was a success. This was all before there was any competition in the esports scene of the apex.

The first real championship of Apex Legends was in 2021 with online holding so it was just pro-players playing with each other in their home without any audience and this was because of the circumstances of Earth at that time. The full-fledged championship of Apex Legends didn’t take place until the end of those lockdowns but this regional-based championship was getting its fair share of views and attention from the Apex Legends community. All in all Apex Legends’ start at esports was not the greatest but not the bad one either.

The Peak And Impact of Apex Legends as an E-sports:

Looking for the peak impact of Apex Legends as esports is kind of hard because there are so many variables to take into account like the peak viewers.

The peak of the player count was around 600 thousand. This was achieved in February of this year. So if we are going by the player base increase or the peak player count then this year is the peak for Apex Legends and its esports scene.

The peak viewers of Apex Legends Global Championship was more than 600 thousand viewers from all the streaming platforms and this feat was achieved in 2022. So the peak of e-sport viewers for Apex was in 2022.

The game hasn’t had the most number of teams at each point in time because several teams joined the Apex Legends esports scene and several teams left as well. The peak s-tier teams that Apex Legends had was around 12.

Now I have provided enough data and information about the peak of the game and its player base count over the years so you know enough about the game’s history and current affairs to make a decision about it.

Apex boosting:

Apex Legends is a hard game to get good at. It is one of the hardest Battle royals in the world and there are numerous for that. The first one is that Apex Legends heavily relies on its legends, unlike other shooters which don’t really have gameplay-affecting character abilities in them. Other reasons for Apex Legends being hard can be its in-depth gun mechanics and a very competitive community.

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Apex Legends’s impact on eSports gaming:

Before Apex Legends, there were no battle royals like it. It was a whole new take on Battle royals with heroes and their abilities affecting the gameplay. Before Apex Legends the main two Battle Royals were PUBG and Fortnite. After The release of the game, it raised the competition in the BR Space making other franchises work for their money.

Other than this Apex Legends also had career programs and circuits for new players to join elite teams and make a name for themselves hence making an impact on big companies while also changing the life of gamers. Apex Legends also offers Spectator-friendly gameplay unlike Some games that get really really confusing for a new gamer or just a casual e-sports fan.

Apex Legends is a way simpler form of esports and for this reason, Apex Legends always attracts new and younger audiences. Apart from these Apex Legends also has a big third-party tournament circuit so tier 2 and 3 teams can also make their way up to the top. All in all, Over the years Apex Legends had made up a cult-like following for itself. The game has been climbing the ladder of success for quite some time and is showing no signs of slowing down for now.